What are Mangoes? | Amazing Health Benefits Of Mangoes

Mangoes are favorite fruit of many individuals, lets know much more interesting things about mangoes
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King of all fruits in India is Mango (Aam in Hindi), in fact, most of the people consider it; because of its rich pulp and sweet taste. Mangoes are of many kinds, but Alphonso mango is of the top quality mango. India is the origin of mango and produces mango on a large scale; provides the best quality mangoes all over the world. Other countries like China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Mexico come from mango cultivating nations around the world.

Raw mango is called ‘Kaccha Aam’ or ‘Kairi' in India is very sour and is also used to make many culinary recipes. Both ripe and raw mangoes are in large demand all over the world.


The culinary uses of both raw and ripe mango are listed below.

Top Culinary Uses Of Mango

Raw Mango Sorbet: Raw mango is boiled, and pulp is scooped out; this pulp is then mixed with sugar to form sweet, sour mango syrup. Pour some mango syrup in a glass of chilled water to make a healthy cold drink.

Raw Mango Salad: Raw mango salad is made with chopped fresh mango, chopped onion, jaggery or sugar, salt, and red chili pepper powder. These ingredients are tempered with oil crackled with mustard seeds and asafetida.

Raw Mango Pickle: Raw mangoes are chopped into cubes and added with spice fried in oil. The spices are mustard seeds, red chili pepper powder, salt, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, whole black pepper, and whole clove. Jaggery is added as per taste.

Ripe Mango Juice: Ripe mango juice is also known as ‘Aamras' in India; made in the summer season. Aamras is very easy to make; you have to peel the skin and blend it with water or milk with some sugar. The addition of sugar is as per taste.

Ice-cream: Mango ice-cream is made of fresh mango pulp, thick cream, and sugar. It is a dessert consumed on hot summer days.

Barfi: Mango Barfi is an Indian sweet made of mango pulp, milk Khoa, sugar, and dry fruits. The blend is set to a plain bed and cut into small squares of 2 inches; distributed and gulped on festive days and happy occasions.

Mango Lassi: Fresh ripe mango is peeled and chopped into cubes. These cubes are blended with fresh yogurt, sugar, and ice cubes. The mix is poured into serving glass and garnished with dry fruits before serving.

Other Uses: Mango is the main ingredient in some recipes like Chicken Mango Salsa, Mango Barbecue Sauce, and Mango Jicama Enchiladas.


Nutrition In Mango

Mango provides vitamins like vitamin A, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin C. Mango also provides dietary minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Mango has rich content o anti-oxidants like zeaxanthin, quercetine, astragali, and beta-cerotene.

Calories in Mangoes Nutritional Values



Health Benefits Of Mango

Consumption of mango is useful in many ways such as lowering blood sugar, controls blood pressure, boosts brain health, and fights against muscular degeneration. Mango provides a good source of dietary minerals which are essential for healthy bones. The abundance of antioxidants in mango helps to fight against cancer and aging.

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