What is Eggplant? | Amazing Health Benefits Of Eggplant

Let us know the various health benefits of eggplant
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Eggplant (Brinjal) is one of the important crops of the nightshade family which is related to tomato and potato. Name ‘Eggplant' is used in America, Australia, and New Zealand while the British know this vegetable by name ‘Aubergine’; ‘Brinjal’ is the South Asian name which is also used in South Africa.

Eggplant is the native of South and East Asia; its first records are found in Chinese history books well before 1500 years.

In recent records, China holds the top position in the worldwide production of eggplant. Other countries like India, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran produce eggplant on a large scale.


Top Most Culinary Uses Of Eggplant

Bharta Recipe: Baingan Bharta is a south Asian recipe off eggplant originated in Punjab state of India. To make Bharta; eggplant is roasted, peeled and mashed and added to sautéed chopped onion and tomato with spices. It is served with Jawar Roti, Puri or wheat Roti.

Baigun Bhaja Recipe: Baigan Bhaja is an Indian recipe originated in the state of Bengal. Baingan Bhaja is made by cutting the eggplant into thick slices and marinated with spices then stir-fried. Baingan Bhaja is served with Dal-Chaval.

Sabzi Recipe: In Indian sub-continent eggplant Sabzi is cooked in various ways; Sukha Baingan, Baingan Curry, stuffed baby eggplant, Khandeshi mashed Baingan are some of the verities of eggplant sabzi.

Stuffed Aubergine Recipe: Stuffed Aubergine is a British delicacy in which eggplant is cut in half and flesh is scoop out; stuffed with a mix of cumin, paprika, and tomato in the tomato puree.

Shrimp Eggplant Recipe: This recipe is made with eggplant in large proportion with shrimps; shrimps are grilled and added to sautéed roughly chopped eggplant sprinkled with spices.

Fried Eggplant Recipe: Eggplant is cut in long sticks and marinated with spices, curds and Bengal gram flour; then these marinated eggplant sticks are dip fried and served as snacks.

Dip Recipe: British aubergine dip resembles Indian Bharta; eggplant is roasted and red chili, garlic, olive oil is added to it. It is served when the temperature comes to normal.


Nutritions In Eggplant

Eggplant provides vitamin B1 and vitamin B6; dietary minerals like copper, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, and folic acid.

Calories in Eggplant Nutritional Value


Health Benefits Of Eggplant

Helps To Reduce Weight: Eggplant is 92% water and has very low contents of fats and calories; the fiber content keeps us feeling satiated and controls overeating due to the feeling of hunger. This way helps to keep small food consumption for the people who are trying to shade weight.

Good For Digestion: The dietary fibers in eggplant is helpful for a good bowel movement and thus improves digestion.

Healthy Blood Cells: Lack of iron in the diet causes anemia; this affects the oxygen-carrying property of RBC. Eggplant contains good content of iron helping to keep us away from anemia.

Fights Cancer: Eggplant contains anti-oxidants that are helpful to fight the free radicals which can be prone to form carcinogenic growth in the body.

Protects Brain Health: Eggplant consumption helps to keep optimum blood cell health; maintains the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells. This effect makes sure the brain is getting oxygen-rich blood maintaining good brain health.

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