What is Okra? | Okra: Nutrition, Health Benefits, and Recipe tips

Okra (Bhindi) is also called as ladies' finger in some English speaking countries.
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Okra (Bhindi) is also called as ladies' finger in some English speaking countries. Okra is a pod containing white seeds produce on the flowering plant which grows up to a height of 2 meters. It is a perennial plant grows in warm tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Okra is native to southern Ethiopia and now a day's commercially produced in countries like India, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Okra is popular among children and elders also a fan of tasty cooked okra dishes. Let us have a look at okra cuisine.


Top Most Culinary Uses of Okra

Crispy Okra: Okra is cut in long slits; stirred fry in some oil or baked in microwaves to make crispy okra sticks which are sprinkled with spices and some time cheese. Crispy okra is a tasty side dish to serve with meals.

Stuffed Okra: Stuffed okra or Bharva Bhindi is an Indian Sabzi made with okra and a mix of spices that taste delicious with Dal-Chaval or Roti. Stuffed okra is made by slitting okra in length and stuffed with a mix of groundnut powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric, Garam Masala salt, and lime juice or curd.

Gumbo: Okra is the heart of Gumbo Recipe. Okra is added to some chicken or meat to make delicious recipe; the stickiness of okra brings thickness to the curry of these dishes.

Fried Okra: Okra is cut in thick juliennes and marinated with lime juice and other spices; sometimes coated with Bengal gram flour. These marinated and coated okra juliennes are deep-fried to make fried okra also known as Bhindi Pakoda.

Pickle: Okra is preserved by making a tasty pickle in which okra is mixed with vinegar and other spices. Okra pickle tastes good with steamed rice and Dal.

Cake: Okra is used to make okra-tomato cornmeal cakes. These small cakes are made by baking sliced tomato spread with a mixture of okra and cheese.

With Shrimps: Okra is marinated and sautéed with marinated shrimp to make a lovely tasty shrimp-okra recipe.

Okra Seeds Curry: Okra curry is an Indian recipe that is made by grinding fully grown seeds of okra. The okra seeds paste made by stirring okra paste in oil with sautéed onion and ginger-garlic paste. Some spices like red chili powder, turmeric, Garam Masala, and salt is added. This curry is served as a side dish with other Sabzi in lunches and dinners.


Nutrition In Okra

Okra is a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and dietary fibers; it provides dietary mineral magnesium and other vitamins like thiamin and folate.

Calories in Okra Nutritional Value


Health Benefits Of Okra

Controls Appetite: Okra is rich in dietary fibers which helps to fill our hunger quickly and does not make us feel hungry for a long time. This effect can make our urge to much on food now and then keeping an eye on calorie intake.

Keeps Us Fatigue Free: Okra contains some anti-oxidants which are responsible for the proper storage of glycogen in the liver. Glycogen works as body fuel; more the fuel more the energy.

Fights Diabetes: Okra seeds are useful in a low growth of carbohydrate-breaking enzymes which results in lowering the sugar content in the blood. Okra also helps to increase the sensitivity of blood sugar to insulin.

Controls Cholesterol: Okra is useful to degrade cholesterol in the body thus lowers the fats in the body.

Strengthen Bones: Okra is a rich source of vitamin K which is used to keep good bone health, making bones strong.

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