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Wheat 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Effects
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Scientific Name – Triticum

A Short Introduction To The Brown Grain

Wheat or Gehu(Hindi) is a staple food in almost all regions of the world along with rice and corn. Wheat is grass crop cultivated for its grains; which grow in a kernel on the wheat plant. Wheat grains are the fruits of the plant harvested when ripe when it turns golden brown.

Wheat occupies the most significant share of cultivating land all over the world. Wheat is consumed as a staple food and comes at number two after rice which is on number one and precedes by a maze which is on number three on the staple food scale. Wheat is consumed for its high carbohydrate content and moderate protein content.


Season To Grow & Harvest Wheat

Wheat is a winter crop as it is sown in cool days of winter and harvested during hot summer days.


Taste & Aroma Of Wheat

Wheat tastes nutty, earthy, and nutty with a warm aroma. Wheat grains have a characteristic smell that varies a little with the different varieties. Ground wheat flour gives a warm and earthy aroma.


Most Popular Culinary Uses Of Wheat

Indian Flat Pieces of bread: Wheat grains are ground to a flour to make a variety of Indian flatbreads like Roti, Naan, Paratha, Phulka, and Poli. Wheat flour is soaked with water and kneed to form the soft but firm dough. Small balls are made out of dough and rolled to make flatbreads and roasted on Tawa with butter or without butter according to its type.

Brown Bread: Wheat bread is known as brown bread due to its brownish color due to wheat grains. Wheat bread or brown bread is healthy as compared to white bread in nutrition as well as indigestion. Nowadays brown bread is in demand due to people's awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Wheat Laddoo: Wheat Laddoo is an Indian sweet dish made using wheat flour, clarified butter, sugar, and dry fruits. Wheat flour is roasted until it becomes light in weight and light brown; mixed with clarified butter, powdered sugar, and roughly chopped dry fruits. The mix is molded to small balls to make wheat Laddoos or Piththi Laddoos.

Wheat Kheer: Wheat Kheer is another Indian sweet dish generally made in winter days for its nutrition and warmness. Wheat is ground roughly and soaked for some hours. The soaked roughly ground wheat grains are cooked with jaggery, clarified butter, and dry dates. Nicely cooked wheat is mixed with some milk to serve hot or chilled.

Wheat Biscuits: Like brown bread, wheat biscuits were also getting popular among people for its nutrition, fiber content, and good for digestion quality. Wheat biscuits can be baked according to one's taste by adding essence, butter, and dry fruits. Wheat biscuits are a good snack to eat with afternoon tea.

Puffed Wheat Grains: Wheat grains are puffed like rice grains; sprinkled with spices and salt to make a crispy and healthy snack. Puffed wheat grains is also called as ‘Gehu Murmura’ in India.

Wheat Upma: Upma is a healthy breakfast recipe consumed in India made of wheat flour or semolina. Wheat Upma is also known as ‘Ukadbendi’ in India made by cooking wheat flour with some spices. Wheat Upma can be served with a fresh slice of lime or any pickle.

Wheat Snacks: Wheat is used to making some Indian snacks like sesame-wheat Papad and Kurdai. Papad and kurdai are deep-fried in cooking oil to make a crispy dish served with mango juice or gulped as the snack.

Sattu: Sattu is flour made by using wheat grains, roasted Bengal gram, dry ginger, and salt. Wheat grains and Bengal gram is roasted in the sand or an iron vessel, sieved and ground to the flour with dry ginger and salt. Sattu flour is consumed by making syrup mixed with some jaggery or sugar. Sattu flour is mixed with onion, spices, and mustard oil and stuffed in a wheat dough to make Little.

Vermicelli: Vermicelli is a fine noodle-like dish made with wheat flour. Vermicelli or ‘Sewayi' is cooked as the sweet or hot-sour dish served as dessert or snack. Sweet vermicelli is called as Sewayi Kheer cooked in milk, dry fruits, and sugar. Hot-sour vermicelli dish is made like noodles by adding vegetables, spices, and sauces.

Noodles: Wheat flour is used as one of the ingredients in noodles along with semolina, eggs, and all-purpose flour.


Nutrition Provided By Wheat

Wheat provides carbohydrates in the large amount with less amount of proteins and the negligible amount of fats. Wheat provides dietary fibers in good amount along with dietary vitamins like B group vitamins, Choline, vitamin E and vitamin K. Wheat contains dietary minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and sodium.

Calories in a Cup of Wheat



Health Benefits Of Wheat

Wheat is very healthy and beneficial for our health in many ways like it fights obesity, boosts energy, good for digestion, fights diabetes, prevents gut inflammation, fights breast cancer and colon cancer also helps to fight against asthma in children.


An Introductory History Of Wheat

Wheat is native to West Asia and very old dates about 70,000 years from now. When Homo sapiens left Africa and entered Asia; they came across this plant and consumed it for carbohydrates and proteins. First humans did not cultivate wheat but used to collect grains from the tree enough for one day.

Cultivation of wheat started some 12,000 BC in the area where wheat was found naturally. The region includes hills of Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. As time passed, wheat cultivation improved and prospered.

People that time used to boil wheat in some water along with vegetables and meat to make a porridge or soup like the dish and consume. Later wheat was used to make beer and bread.


Climatic Condition & Soil Requirement Of Wheat & Worldwide Production

The soil is grown in loamy or clayey soil with a moderate water retention capacity of the soil. Wheat is well cultivated in neutral soil with pH 7 and well drainage. Wheat grows well in light soil with good irrigation and proper nutrients.

Wheat is cultivated, produced and exported all over the world from China, India, Russia, United States, France, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, and Pakistan.

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